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Preventive Dentistry: A cooperative effort

Preventive Dentistry: A cooperative effort

Published on February 22nd, 2016

From boosting self-esteem to decreasing your chances of developing serious diseases, having a healthy mouth improves your quality of life. Maintaining good dental health is an effort with lasting, far-reaching benefits, but it is also something that no one person can do alone. Your teeth won’t stay healthy in the long term without proper dental treatment; and your dentist can’t protect your teeth if you don’t establish good habits at home. To reap the full benefits of good dental health, you and your dentist must cooperate to make sure your teeth are getting the care they need.

The Challenge

No matter who you are and how well you clean your teeth, they will always, constantly, accumulate plaque. This soft and bacteria-laden substance must be removed regularly—at least twice a day—before it begins to harden into tartar, which cannot be removed with normal at-home dental care. Tartar provides a foothold for even more bacterial activity, eroding the teeth and irritating the gums. To prevent tooth decay and Gum Disease, you must prevent the formation of tartar.

Our Part

At Cary Dental Associates, we see the benefits of regular dental exams every day in the lives of our patients. These exams allow us to catch problems early, including tooth decay, gingivitis, and even oral cancer. The earlier a problem is identified, the easier and less costly it is to treat. Regular exams also give us an opportunity to remove tartar through deep cleaning, harden your enamel through fluoride treatment, and provide other preventive dentistry procedures. These treatments give you an extra boost in the constant effort to keep your teeth strong and tartar-free.

Your Part

No matter how well we care for your teeth while you’re in our office, they will still need consistent daily maintenance to stay healthy. If you do not already brush at least twice a day and floss daily, you should cultivate these habits. Use a toothpaste which contains fluoride and a soft-bristled toothbrush unless you have been instructed otherwise by your dentist. You should brush for two minutes, scrubbing every surface of your teeth. Avoid scrubbing too hard on your gums or other soft tissues to minimize irritation. When you floss, make sure to clean both sides of each gap, pulling the floss tight against the tooth surface so that it forms the shape of a C. With proper daily hygiene, your teeth can last your entire life.

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