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Repair Dental Damage with Teeth Crowns in Cary, IL

Damaged teeth cause pain and inconvenience. Simple things, like enjoying a meal or a cup of coffee, become difficult and uncomfortable. If you have cracked teeth or tooth decay, you can find relief at Cary Dental Associates. We repair dental damage with teeth crowns in Cary, IL.

What Are Crowns?

Crowns replace the damaged top of your teeth with a strong covering. The crown protects the body of your tooth and prevents further decay. The most popular crown type is porcelain because it blends naturally with other teeth while fortifying the damaged tooth.

What Problems Do Crowns Solve?

Crowns repair moderate and major damage to your teeth, as well as severe discoloration. Cary Dental uses crowns for the following problems and procedures:

Is the Procedure Safe?

At Cary Dental, we give our patients the safest, most comfortable crown treatments possible. We split the procedure over two visits.

During your first visit, we create accurate molds of your teeth to ensure the crown will fit. Your dentist will then remove the damaged part of the tooth and give you a temporary crown.

At your second appointment, you will receive your custom fitted crown. Your dentist will double-check that the crown fits properly and your bite stays natural. Your new crown enables you to use your teeth without fear of further damage.

Why Should I Trust Cary Dental with My Crowns?

When you need teeth crowns in Cary, IL, Cary Dental will ensure you have expert and quality service. Our dentists hone their skills so you have a positive dental experience. Call (847) 516-1100 to find out if you need crowns for your teeth.