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A Family Dentist in Cary, IL on Smoking and Oral Health

A Family Dentist in Cary, IL on Smoking and Oral Health

Published on September 23rd, 2021

Smoking Habits and The Effect on Our Teeth

It is well known that smoking is bad for your overall health, and often leads to a host of serious health conditions, like heart disease, lung cancer, emphysema, diminished taste and smell, and death. However, despite the fact that we know smoking is bad for our health, breaking the habit is a struggle for most smokers.
Due to an addictive chemical known as nicotine, which is present in tobacco products like cigarettes, cigars, and others, quitting smoking is extremely difficult. It is not merely a habit, but an addiction, and unfortunately this addiction can have serious consequences on our oral health as well as our overall physical health.

The Impact

Whether the tobacco product of choice is cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, or vaping pens, each of these nicotine products can lead to dental problems such as gum disease, tooth discoloration, and many others. Below is a list of several oral health conditions that are directly linked to smoking and the use of tobacco products.

  • Tooth Staining – Smoking stains on teeth is one of the more common symptoms of tobacco use. These stains are caused by nicotine buildup, which causes white enamel to yellow over time, and sometimes even brown. Frequent dental cleanings are recommended to help reduce staining for smokers, as well as those who use tobacco products such as chewing tobacco.
  • Bad Breath – Smoke and chemical particles are left behind in the mouth long after a cigarette is finished. Smoking also dries out oral tissues, promoting bacteria growth.
  • Cancer – Smoking has been linked to a number of cancers, but tobacco use has been specifically linked to causing oral cancer. This kind of cancer affects oral tissues such as the tongue, cheeks, lips, and other nearby areas like the sinuses.
  • Gum Disease – Tobacco use is linked to an increased risk of gum disease. Smokers are twice as likely to suffer from gum disease as non-smokers. Gum disease causes inflammation of the gum tissue, and can lead to serious dental issues like tooth loss, bleeding and receding gums, delayed healing, tooth decay, and even damage to the jaw bone in serious cases.

Cary Dental Associates

Whether you have just quit smoking, quit a long time ago, or are an active smoker or tobacco user, the effects on your teeth will be apparent. If you have been searching online for a reliable “Family Dentist near me in Cary, IL” to provide the kind of personalized dental care you need, contact Cary Dental Associates today.
From teeth whitening to periodontal treatment, Cary Dental Associates is here to provide reliable dental services to our patients and ensure their smiles remain healthy and beautiful throughout their lives. Contact us to set up an appointment online or by calling (847)-516-1100.

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