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How To Help Your Child Fight Sugar Cravings

How To Help Your Child Fight Sugar Cravings

Published on November 19th, 2019

It’s no secret that your child loves sugary snacks, but maybe they tend to eat a little more of the sweet stuff than they should. Binging sugary snacks attracts harmful bacteria that can eat away at your child’s enamel, causing them cavities and dental pain. While sugary foods can be eaten in moderation, use these tips from Cary Dental to help control your child’s cravings and avoid intensive family dental care in Cary, IL. 

Filling Meals

The best and easiest way to help minimize your child’s sugar intake is to keep them full. Do your best to feed them well balanced and filling meals. Waiting too long between meals can also initiate the cravings. To help combat this, make sure your child is eating every 3 to 5 hours.

Combine Foods

Our family dental care specialists in Cary, IL recommends combining your child’s favorite sugary treats with a healthier snack. For example, try making a healthy trail mix containing chocolate chips, nuts and dried fruit.      

Walk Away

Breaking a sweat is another great and immediate way to fight sugar cravings. When your child is longing for sweets, take them on a brisk walk outside. This helps distract them as well as release endorphins that will help cancel the craving. 

Get your child on the right dental track by limiting their sugar intake. If you need any more dental tips, contact our family dental care specialists in Cary, IL by visiting us online or calling 847.516.1100.

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