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Your Role in Preventive Dentistry

Your Role in Preventive Dentistry

Published on December 10th, 2015

Preventive dentistry refers to all the measures taken by you and by Dr. Skleba to proactively keep your teeth healthy by preventing problems from developing rather than treating existing problems. Prevention is an essential part of good dental care. Without it, your dental health will deteriorate over time, causing you pain and costing you money and time for the treatment of preventable problems. Cary Dental Associates can do some of the work of prevention by providing you with dental exams and x-rays, warning you of any developing problems, providing professional cleanings, and giving you any other helpful services like fluoride treatment or dental sealants that might be necessary in your case. But professional dental care, while necessary, will still fail if you don’t also complete effective dental hygiene practices at home. Here are the measures that you need to take to ensure good dental health in your life.

Proper cleaning

Dental plaque builds up constantly in your mouth as bacteria multiply and feed on the remnants of the food you eat. If not removed, dental plaque hardens into tartar or dental calculus, which can’t be removed by brushing and which dulls the teeth and leads to decay. Regular, thorough brushing and flossing is the only way to keep teeth clean and free of tartar. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, and floss daily. If you eat or drink something acidic, wait at least 30 minutes afterward before you brush, to avoid removing tooth enamel. Remember to replace your toothbrush when it wears out, and make sure you are using an effective fluoride-containing toothpaste.

Balanced diet

Every part of your health is affected by what you eat, and your teeth are no exception. To keep teeth healthy, you should make sure you are getting enough fluoride and other minerals. Also, tooth decay is accelerated when you consume any kind of sugar. Avoid sugary foods and drinks, especially when snacking throughout the day. Mealtimes are easier on your teeth because more saliva is produced, which helps clean your teeth and reduces decay. If you do need to snack, choose something healthy like fruits, vegetables, or cheese.

Sticking to your appointments

While Dr. Skleba at Cary Dental Associates can be an important ally in the fight against tooth decay, that’s impossible if you fail to make or keep dental appointments. Make sure to schedule your regular dental exams. We’ll send you a reminder when the time for your exam is approaching, and you can also add the appointment to your calendar, planner, or online notifications.

We want to make sure your teeth stay healthy and bright. If you have questions or need to make an appointment, call us during our normal office hours, or request an appointment online.

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