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Your Smile In The New Year

Your Smile In The New Year

Published on December 12th, 2017

With only days left in 2017, it’s time to reflect on the year in order to better ourselves in 2018. Your dental health is a very important part of your overall wellness. As your family dental care Cary IL team, we think that the new year is a perfect time to create a list of resolutions for improving your oral health. Whatever your goals are for 2018, our team wants to help you achieve them. Remember that every small step is important and consistency is key.

Improve Your Flossing Habits

Daily flossing is very important and a simple way to improve your oral health. It’s important that you floss at least one time per day to remove bacterial plaque and food that has accumulated throughout the day. Daily flossing can help to prevent gingivitis (gum disease), tooth decay, and halitosis (bad breath).

Ditch The Soda Habit

Another important part of your oral health is being conscious of what you put in your mouth. Try to reduce or completely eliminate drinking sugary drinks in 2018. Frequent consumption of beverages with acids and carbohydrates contributes to tooth decay.

Quit Using Tobacco Products

Quit smoking cigarettes. There is no better time than now to make a resolution to stop tobacco use. Check out some free online tools and progress tracking apps to assist you with the tobacco cessation.

Regular Dental Visits

Come visit your family dental care Cary IL team in 2018! A great resolution is to make routine visits to our office to help prevent oral disease or reveal an existing disease in its early stage. Dental visits should take place every 6 months to allow our team to monitor the condition of your oral cavity and develop an appropriate treatment plan to meet your wants and needs.

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