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Dental Botox from Cary Dental Associates

Botox at The Dentist’s Office – How it Can Help Improve Your Smile and Dental Health

As we go through life, our facial appearance changes in many ways, and one perfect example is the development of wrinkles and fine lines. This happens due to age, but another way our faces change over time is in the shape of our smile and position of our teeth.

Teeth often shift as we grow older, especially if we had braces when we were younger and neglected to wear a retainer following treatment. Sometimes, teeth are damaged in some way due to unexpected injuries, or the development of TMJ or Bruxism.

As we age, our smiles become no less important to our general health, well-being, and confidence than they were when we were younger. Fortunately, there are ways to fix damaged teeth, realign those that have shifted out of place, and improve the overall appearance of our smiles with certain cosmetic treatments. In cases of TMJ and Bruxism, or the appearance of a gummy smile, there is one very specific, non-invasive treatment that can benefit patients.

Botox to Fix Gummy Smiles & TMJ

Botox is a common cosmetic treatment used to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles and fine lines, but it is also used in other areas of medicine to help treat things like migraines, overactive sweat glands, and dental problems.

Botox is often used in dentistry to perfect a person’s smile. Botox can be used to improve sagging skin and fine lines around the mouth, but it can also be used to fix gummy smiles.

When a person smiles and their gums show more than they should, typically on the top portion of the mouth, it is called a gummy smile. To remedy the appearance of gummy smiles, Botox can be injected into the upper lip to relax muscles which cause it to lift too high, ensuring more of the gum tissue is concealed.

Additionally, Botox can be used to treat Bruxism and TMJ. With a series of minor injections, the facial muscles around the temporo-mandibular joint, the joint specifically affected by TMJ, relax, allowing tension and pain to ease. Headaches that may be caused by jaw clenching, grinding teeth, or lockjaw will be effectively reduced or eliminated, providing substantial relief.

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The Process

Botox injections are usually administered quickly and cause minor discomfort. Patients can return to their daily activities immediately after leaving the dental practice. There may be mild bruising at the injection site(s) which should fade within a few days.

Results typically become visible within days after treatment. However, sometimes the full effects are not visible for up to two weeks; the final results last for months. Botox injections do not require anesthesia and are administered by professionals with proper training who understand the musculature of the face, and know precisely where to place injections to treat the proper muscles.

Dental Botox Treatments in Cary, IL

Although Botox is a cosmetic treatment traditionally, Botox in dentistry has become quite popular as a treatment for Bruxism, TMJ, and gummy smiles- “Botox near me” may be in your search history if you have developed such issues and their corresponding symptoms.

At our dental office in Cary, Illinois, our team is ready and able to administer Botox treatment for various dental concerns. Schedule an appointment with us today to get the answers you need, and find out if this non-invasive treatment option is right for you.