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Cosmetic Bonding From Cary Dental Associates

Those who have suffered damage to their teeth, are dealing with tooth staining or have some other dental issue can benefit from seeing a dentist about cosmetic bonding. With cosmetic bonding, resin is placed over the teeth, giving them a more attractive appearance. It can be a great option for many individuals, from those who have dealt with relatively minor dental issues in the past to those who have dental crowns or dental implants.

What’s the Procedure for Having a Tooth Bonded?

The cosmetic bonding procedure is relatively simple. In most cases, bonding can be done in a single session. During the bonding process, the resin is placed over the tooth to give it the desired appearance. After that, the tooth is cured. This process can be done on a single tooth or it can be done on multiple teeth in a session, depending on the needs of the individual. Cosmetic bonding differs from other procedures, such as veneers, because they can offer a more natural appearance, working with the existing tooth to cover up any dental issues an individual may be experiencing, whether that’s gaps within the teeth or excessive staining.

Pros and Cons of Dental Bonding

Tooth bonding has many advantages. Among these advantages is the fact it produces an incredibly natural appearance after the procedure is finished. Additionally, with cosmetic bonding, an individual can get results in a relatively short amount of time, unlike waiting for something like Invisalign to work. However, it’s important to note dental bonding is largely cosmetic.

One thing a person must be sure of is that any underlying disease, such as gum disease, is dealt with prior to receiving this type of treatment. Cosmetic bonding is also not effective for those individuals who have more serious dental issues. Those who have worn teeth, teeth that are breaking or chipping or individuals with serious cavities may need dental implants or dentures to restore the appearance of their teeth and give them the smile they desire. As your source for family dental care, the team at Cary Dental Associates can help you determine the best overall solution to give you a healthy, beautiful and confident smile.

Please view our gallery below to see how cosmetic tooth bonding can improve the look of damaged teeth!

Cosmetic Bonding Before/After

Discolored fillings and tooth structure can be bonded to restore a natural and attractive appearance.

Cosmetic Bonding Before/After

This 50 year old man had excessive wear and discoloration of his lower front teeth. Cosmetic bonding reestablished length and color for a pleasing smile.

Cosmetic Bonding Before/After

This teenager had all of her spaces closed with cosmetic bonding.